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Picture your favorite weekend…

Is it someplace close to home?
Maybe someplace across the world?

Wherever you go, chances are the food you will be indulging in won’t be
chicken breast and spinach.

Don’t worry, The Weekender has you covered. When travelling, most of us don’t have time to count our macronutrients and go out of our way to be the healthiest we can be, which is how The Weekender came to fruition. The Weekender is loaded with ingredients to help your metabolism keep up with all these extra calories we consume on a daily basis, and yes, on your perfect vacation.


Why The Weekender?

With ingredients like the widely studied L-Carnitine to aid in energy production and metabolism support as well as Chromium Picolinate to improve your body’s response to lowering your blood sugar, The Weekender was designed to allow you to indulge responsibly!


L-Carnitine L-Tartrate: Essential amino acid that transports fatty acids through the body to burn them off as energy. Supports a healthy metabolism (as well as heart and brain health.)

This is an essential amino acid that has a plethora of benefits for your body. For starters, L-Carnitine helps the body transport fatty acids and quite literally burn them off as energy. L-Carnitine also helps support your metabolism and is a crucial amino acid supporting heart and brain health.

Cayenne Pepper: A wonderful, natural thermogenic that boosts your metabolism and burns fat.

Along with making your food very tasty, Cayenne Pepper is a fantastic natural thermogenic. Most “weight loss” pills come with unnatural thermogenics which may be beneficial in the short term, but toxic for the body after long-term use. Cayenne Pepper helps the body “heat-up” from the inside, which aids in the process of burning fat. Cayenne Pepper also helps boost your metabolism due to its amount of capsaicin and may even contribute to lowering blood pressure in some individuals.

Ceylon Cinnamon: One of the most potent superfoods to date. This “true” cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants and helps regulate the metabolism and balances blood sugar levels.

Not to be confused with the standard cinnamon in your spice cabinet, Ceylon Cinnamon is known as a “true cinnamon”. This type of cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and when studied, researchers found that when compared to 26 other superfoods, Ceylon Cinnamon led the others with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Now why would Ceylon Cinnamon be in The Weekender? This powerful spice regulates the body’s insulin response to an enormous degree, therefore making your metabolism much more efficient. On top of the metabolism support, this “true” cinnamon can regulate your blood sugar to keep it at a healthy level. It also has a high chance of lowering blood pressure which can be a great thing for most, but please consult with your doctor to make sure that is okay for you specifically.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract: All the benefits of green tea extract, without the caffeine jitters. Promotes the elimination of free radicals and aids in regulating the metabolism.

The Weekender is an extremely unique metabolism support and weight management supplement because it is stimulant free. Stimulants can be hard on many individuals and because most supplements in this class are loaded with caffeine, it was important to make this a totally stimulant free product, which we are very proud of. Green Tea may be one of the most researched tea’s to ever come about. From its ability to fight free radicals and cancer, due to its vast number of polyphenols to being extremely hydrating and antioxidant rich, this ingredient is a must-have in a product like The Weekender. The Weekender utilizes all of these benefits of Green Tea and pairs them with other incredible ingredients to create a truly unique metabolism support and weight management powerhouse.

Garcinia Cambogia: This natural medicine helps the body regulate hormones and boost your metabolism.

This compound comes from a tree that grows in specific climates in places like Indonesia, West Africa and Malaysia and has been used for thousands of years to combat many illnesses. From metabolism support to weight loss, to diabetes and cancer, Garcinia Cambogia has been used widely throughout the world. Today, it is primarily used to aid in hormone regulation and weight loss.  Many studies have reached mixed conclusions about its long-term effectiveness regarding weight loss, but its ability to boost your metabolism due to its levels of hydroxycitric acid is why it has been deemed worthy of being in a product of this caliber.

Chromium Picolinate: Arguably the most effective blood sugar stabilizer to be used in a supplement. Helps the metabolism as well as weight management.

Chromium, when dosed correctly and bonded with picolinic acid could possibly be the most efficient way of lowering blood sugar levels and supporting healthy insulin response. Many claim that chromium may also aid in weight loss, but we are not here to make that claim. Only that with proper dosage and aiding ingredients, blood sugar management and other crucial ingredients may in fact be able to aid in weight loss.


The Weekender is the only metabolism and insulin support supplement to trust on your work trip, your vacation, your weekend cheat meal, or to use as a daily metabolism support supplement.


Please contact your doctor to make sure this product will not impede or effect any medicine you are currently taking or if you have any serious underlying health risksThe Weekender will perform best with a healthy lifestyle that includes cardiovascular exercise or some form of weightlifting and should not be identified as a miracle weight loss supplement. Please consult your doctor or dietician regarding your lifestyle to see if The Weekender is right for you.